Police Officer Who Saved At-Risk Baby Does The Incredible 25 Years Later

1. On Duty

Police Officer Saves Baby
Featured image credit: CopWatchSantaAna @ Youtube

Officer Michael Buelna was a young cop on duty in Santa Ana The night was unusually chilly for California weather. Buelna was investigating a stabbing that had taken place in the area a few days prior. As he rounded the next corner, he was flagged down by a few neighbors in the area. They’d heard a baby crying.

2. A Baby’s Coo

Police Officer Saves Baby
Featured image credit: www.nydailynews.com

Buelna went around to investigate the reports of a crying baby. When he approached the dumpster he heard what sound like a very low meow, like the sound of a cat softly mewling. He moved some of the trash out of the way and found the tiny baby, moaning hoarsely amongst the garbage. The baby was alive but very weak…



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