Climbing the stairs.

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Have you ever tried climbing a building of minimum of twenty stairs before?

If the lift is faulty and you need to pick USD50billion on the last floor,what would you do?

Do you complain and just give up?

Lessons here

1.There must be a reason for your hard work. 
2.There must be a reason to keep you going when you are tired. 
3.if you get to the last floor and pick the cash,you would obviously rest before deciding on the next thing to do.
4.At the point of climbing the stairs,there is a determination .
5.Your focus is on the USD50BILLION. 
6.You would not accept that there is any weakness as long as the stress would be forgotten once you reach the goal.
7.You would be scared of someone else getting there before you.
8.There must be a reason for your journey. 
9.You would not think of anyone because it's a personal journey,no one would carry you to climb the stairs.
10.when people see you climbing, they would laugh and ask who sent you to kill yourself. 
11.You need maximum concentration in the journey of life.
12.There is possibility of many people getting to hear about the reason for the journey, but many factors would make them ignore.
13.Some would be weak to climb. 
14.some would be deaf to hear the target.
15.Some would beg others to go on their behalf because they are hungry and do not have power. 
16.Every man for himself. 
17.You have to take the steps one after the other.

This journey is so interesting. 
The book "THE JOURNEY'' is a must read. #anticipate 
This journey is for the strong and not the weak.

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