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I am inspired to write this piece though I fought it but I just have to submit to my inner man. I know some people will disagree with me and some will also agree on the other side with the facts herein contained.

The effect of marriage in life of both man and woman cannot be over emphasized; it either makes or mar an individual for life. Well it’s very important, necessary and it is ordained by God.

Bible says; One (1) will kill a thousand and Two (2) will kill Ten thousand, that is a very huge difference, imagine that victory “Ten thousand as against One thousand” this simply means marriage is good.

Bible also says he who finds a good wife, finds favour in the sight of God, very simple analogy from my view; a good wife will love her husband dearly without any second thought, understands him, pray for him, open up to him, work with him, plan with him, will be sincere in all and so on, with all these mentioned, there will be peace and love of God in the home and family.

In marriage, you win together and when you lose, you are in it together, these is one of the most important aspect, even in the marriage vow, it is for better for worst, these days how many women can actually stand this, I have taken time to sample opinions and from working experience, I discover that there will always be one hangers on or an hidden extra relationship affair somehow, how will the favour of God be on the marriage? Sadly not women alone but men too are guilty of this.

Further, I also took time to conduct research on rich men that don’t take care of their wives; the results are overwhelming and sad, mostly they are due to infidelity or maybe when the man is in the making, the lady maltreated him and lastly bad attitude, instead of them to separate they went on with the union and as we all know that it is not everybody that can forgive and forget. I saw some rich men that has lots of cars but won’t allow their wife to drive any, some you won’t believe how haggard the wife will look.

When there is love you will understand that you own everything together, you will be willing to share; you will be willing to give also. I have seen men that celebrate their wife’s all the time! every day, it’s as a result of the sacrifice they have made, there choice of standing in adversity, being there when there is nothing, giving hope and support without looking back. Though it’s not easy but it is a sacrifice such woman made up her mind to make, she decide to wait because she sees her future with such man, she decide to contribute by backing the man, by giving hope, awakening his inner strength when he’s tired, praying incessantly for the family.

As the topic implies, “Don’t go near her” how do we know women or men that we should not get close to, date or marry? An adage says ladies first after men, so we will be looking at women first before moving to check that of men.

Guys don’t get close to (a) a woman that does not love you, (b) a woman that does not love God and (c) a woman that is never satisfied with what she as. How will you know? Trust me you will know when she doesn’t love you;

Signs that she does not love you;

  1. When she is always ready to quit every slight challenge,
  2. When she is secretive but prefer to open up to others,
  3. When she lies,
  4. When she is never ready to fight for the marriage or relationship, running to any other available open arms for succor.
  5. When you can’t have any successful conversation,
  6. When she frustrates every plan you both agreed on earlier,
  7. When she is not ready to submit,
  8. She will be adulterous and you will know except you want to deceive yourself, please read Jeremiah chapter 3 verses 1.
  9. She will lack respect,
  10. When she is not ready to resolve issues immediately, but hold on to it to initiate fights, arguments,
  11. When she’s never ready to forgive, we are not all perfect and we should register it that we will always offend ourselves,
  12. When she is not ready to work on herself or change certain attitudes that causes issues between the two,
  13. When she only cooperate and loves you when things are good only,
  14. When she is not free even from within then she’s hidden lots, the signs is she won’t be comfortable to drop her mobile phone close to you, even if she does, it will be on silence, some will even switch off when you around them, most people will not agree with phone issue but trust me it’s a sign, ask her to allow you view her pictures then you will see that the phone password is different to that of gallery an also that of gallery will be different from that of call logs and so on like that, every app with password, please flee she is never ready for a straight forward life.

Signs that she does not love God; 

When a woman loves God, it will be easy for her to love the husband; it will be easy for her to forgive and forget, she will know how to wait on God, she will want to be in his presence all the time, she will not fall at every slight provocation or challenge lastly she will be able to fight battles with fasting and prayers on her knees alone

  1. When a woman does not love God, she will misbehave at any slight challenge, she will forget to cast her problems to God before facing it physically or better still, ask for direction in every challenge before tackling them,
  2. She will never initiate mutual fasting and prayer sessions between the two of you,
  3. She will only rely on her strength forgetting we can’t even breathe without God,
  4. She will be focused on earthly things only. And so on and so forth.


Signs that she is never satisfied with what she as,

  1. She will always compare you and herself with others,
  2. Material things will be the first in her priority,
  3. Notice her well; she won’t take her eyes off any other well-dressed or good looking man around even in outings.
  4. She will go to any length to acquire any trending cloth, shoe or bags,
  5. She will be over ambitious.
  6. If a woman is not satisfied with you please run she is just holding you with her left hand and searching for her better choice out there and don’t be surprised she will just wake up one day find means to cause small issue then she is off,  


NOTE: Best is to pray to God to direct your life partners to you but immediately you notice any of these  mentioned above, please flee she’s not meant for you, Yes, some will change but it’s not always advisable.

The role of parents cannot be thrown away because all these facts mentioned above don’t just start one day, parents should create family alter, where the family pray together, plan together, talk and access each other regularly, when it is being done at home and a child grow with it, it will become a lifestyle because they are seeing the result of praying, cooperating and being accountable to each other.


To be continued…………………………………. Guys I won’t spare you




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