Heaven help those who help themselves.

 It is with our efforts, willingness ,action and Grace we hope to make our dreams come true in life. We always pray that our efforts be rewarded with success. Let us make sure that before we ask for help from people,we have helped our selves, we are helping ourselves and when the help comes, we will still continue to help ourselves.
You are not helping yourself when you expect to be spoon fed in life . When a baby lifts his hands, he has made an attempt ,this invariably makes the mother eager and willing to carry the baby. The issue in life is that we expect too much from people without considering the fact that they all have needs and have prioritised their needs and see themselves first before others. Help most times comes in ways that look unrealistic and we are not patient enough to see rightly. We talk to the wrong people and we disregard the one that has help to render.
It is not all that glitters that is Gold. God will connect us to the divine help, remember always that even when you are shown the way,you must do the walk. Make the effort,involve God and you shall laugh last.
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