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We have decided to look at the other side of the market to see how Nigerians can safely invest their capital through investment funds.



The investment headlines in Nigeria over the last year have mainly been about schemes that can offer you upwards of 200% return per month.

The promise of huge returns have attracted many Nigerians to take a huge risk and invest large sums of their hard earned money, only to realize that the scheme has collapsed a few months later and left them out of pocket.

We have decided to look at the other side of the market to see how Nigerians can safely invest their capital through investment funds.

To do this we are speaking with ARM, one of Nigeria’s most established and reputable Asset Management companies to ask some of your most popular questions about investing your cash.


How can investment funds be better than a normal savings account at my bank?

Different investment options are right for different people. If you currently have cash in a savings or a current account (or are thinking of putting your cash into your bank), but wish that your money could bring you higher returns, you might entrust a qualified fund manager to look after your interests.

You can choose the risk level of the fund you invest in – currently our fund with the lowest risk is our Money Market Fund. We are happy to advise on the fund and investment options that are right for you, just simply fill out our short contact form here.

What is the aim of your Money Market Fund?

The primary objective of the Fund is to provide a steady stream of income to investors.

The ARM Money Market Fund is a Mutual Fund; this is a pool of funds from many investors who share similar investment aims and objectives. Their contributions are invested in various financial instruments and managed by our professional Fund Managers.

Each investor becomes a ‘unit holder’, which means you are a part-owner in the Fund. The units you hold give you certain rights of ownership on the investments, such as participating in the income derived from the Fund’s investments.


Who can invest in the Money Market Fund?

Anyone can invest in the Fund. At ARM we have worked hard to make the Money Market Fund available to a large proportion of the Nigerian population. We have achieved this by lowering the minimum initial investment to N5,000, and made further additional investments available in multiples of N1,000.

To make sure everyone is comfortable with the investment we ask them to complete a short form [here] so that one of our advisors can talk you through the opportunity. After speaking with them they can provide you with a subscription form and outline the secure channels by which you can make payment.

What does the Money Market Fund invest in?

We have been able to provide a steady stream of income to investors by investing in high quality, short term money market instruments and government securities.

Why have over 44,000 Nigerians trusted you to look after their capital?

We believe that we have 5 main points of difference

1 / Liquidity

You can sell your investment to the Fund at any time, and your cash investment should be back with you within 48 hours. Our easy mode of exit and entry is the liquidity that Nigerians want in their investments. Further to this we provide quarterly payment of dividends which provides a steady stream of income.

2 / Transparency

We provide our investors with complete transparency by sending the 7-day effective Rolling Yield of the Fund by email and real time provide access to your statement via our wealth planner portal .

3 / Proven track record

We have over 22 years of experience investing money in Nigeria and have been able to achieve in excess of 16%* (The ARM Money Market Fund recorded a *16% - Average return as at 31 March 2017) return through the Money Market Fund. 

4 / Best in class fund managers

We set ourselves high standards and only employ Fund Managers with a proven history. Being one of Nigeria’s leading asset management companies means we have proven experience managing the ARM Discovery Fund, the ARM Aggressive Growth Fund and the ARM Ethical Fund. We are also independently regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and  Agusto & Co who have rated the fund Aa(f).

5 / Making the fund available to the majority

We only require initial investment of N5,000, with additional contributions as little as N1,000 which can be made via convenient channels such as online transfer and mobile money (USSD code solution). 


Does anyone monitor the Fund Manager’s activities?

Mutual Funds in Nigeria are regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). Thus, the ARM Money Market Fund is registered with, and regulated by SEC.

The interests of investors in the Fund is further protected by the Trustee (First Trustees Nigeria Limited), who supervise the activities of the Fund Managers. In addition to the above, an independent Custodian (Citibank Nigeria Limited) will hold and safeguard the assets of the Fund. This structure creates control in the management of the Fund.

Can I talk to someone face-to-face about the opportunity?

Yes, most definitely. We have investment centers in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Onitsha.

If you would like to arrange a meeting , please complete the form here and one of our advisors will set up a meeting.

As well as the online form, you can also learn more by visiting our online store www.arminvestmentcenter.com, or by calling their customer success team on 0700 2255 276 (O700 CALL ARM).


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