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A Chemist and a young man had a quarrel which left one seriously injured. An elderly man asked the chemist, "Why did you hit him?"

The CHEMIST replied, "There was no CHEMISTRY between us and we never BONDED well though we tried different PATHWAYS.

In the COMPOUND where we lived, our temperaments COLLIDED and YIELDED no PRODUCTS. He never saw any ELEMENT of goodness in me. He always responded NEGATIVELY to my REACTIONS.

Our BOND was UNSTABLE and there was no possible SOLUTION. He has an EXOTHERMIC attitude and I am equally EXPLOSIVE. Anyway, he once told me that MIXTURE of anger and fury run in their family blood.

Then, he spoke in some ORGANIC terms and I OVERREACTED and poured on him LONG CHAIN FATTY ACID. He slipped and hit his head with a big NON-CRYSTALLINE SUBSTANCE in the GROUND STATE.

I was still in an EXCITED STATE when he rose up again to start an OXIDATION REACTION and continued until he lost one electron (tooth).

To avoid STERIC HINDRANCE, I adopted an ELIMINATION REACTION. After a while, I discovered his TERTIARY AMINES (fingers) were too BULKY and I then used a MASKING AGENT of my elbow.

Unknown to me, the masking agent wasn't effective and he capitalised on that to break the COVALENT BOND of my reputation by spitting on me the saliva of ELECTROLYTES AND ENZYMES.

If you hadn't arrived on time, I would have used a CARBON-14 DATING to show him that we aren't mates. In fact, his body smells like that of THIOLS."

"He that is soon angry dealeth foolishly: and a man of wicked devices is hated" The old man said quoting Proverbs 14:17.

He pleaded with them to embrace love and warned them against anger.

"Anger is not of God and always leads to disgrace and damage" He concluded.

The chemist answered, "I'm glad it's over. I'm now at EQUILIBRIUM"

The young man holding his tooth said, "I lost one electron (tooth) because of anger"

Friend, desist from ANGER.

Enjoy your day.




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