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I woke up that very morning some years ago with mixed feelings. My situation was going contrary to my expectations coupled with loneliness in that part of the world.

"Give me this day my daily bread" was my constant prayer and God has been faithful until that particular Saturday.

I picked my shopping bag and left for Lidl supermarket around the University library. The bachelor shopping was done and I came out of the supermarket.

To see a fellow brother from one of the countries in Africa outside the supermarket elicited a brotherly joy from the well of my helplessness.

I approached him and we exchanged pleasantries.

We jumped into usual introductory and current state questions until I asked a pertinent question.

"I need a part time job that can alleviate my current situation"

He gave me some offers which weren't appealing to me but I insisted to give me better and lucrative job offers.

There is an adage in my dialect which says, "Ti o ba n wa iwakuwa, o ma ri irikuri" (Direct translation : It is what you are looking for that you will get)

"There is a better and easy job you can do for few hours and collect a cool money" He suggested.

My eyes were wide opened and my ears attentive while my hands were practicing the methods of counting the wages.

"Please, tell me" I asked with all seriousness.

"Just a night with a married woman" he said.

My innocent mind went into coma but my spirit man came alive to filter the new message.

"What! A night with whom?" I asked solemnly.

"Really, you will make at least 1000 euros within a week if you sleep with more women" He replied.

My lips were sealed up, my innocent mind woke up and closed its windows and my heart began to bleed.

"Do I look like a male escort or what?" I asked myself.

Really, I couldn't believe my eyes and I politely declined the offer.

Fortunately, I had a gospel tract with me and I gave him immediately.

"Oh, I am also a Christian" was his response.

I thanked him and left for my room. Thereafter, I made up my mind to endure and be satisfied with whatever my hands finds to do. God came to my rescue and settled me.

Beloved, evil counsel has a way of breaking down the wall of conviction if care is not taken.

I was in dire need of help but the devil planted that evil opportunity in order to tarnish my garment.

How many of our youths are in that situation right now and have been entrapped in the bondage of immorality because of evil counsels?

Beware of what/who you seek after when you are in dire need of help.

The old devil is still active today to kill and destroy whosoever is not watchful.

Whatsoever your hands finds to do, do it with all your might and better doors will be opened if you persist.

There is a danger in cool money from illegal and sinful means. The end is always sorrow and regret.

Don't give in to that sinful counsel.

Don't seek help from a limited man but from the Almighty and unlimited God.

The Lord will provide and meet all your needs in this season in Jesus name.

Help is on the way. Be expectant!

God bless you.




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